A Few Thoughts On New Gutters For Your Home

Building or repairing a home? Gutters are a water capture / delivery system comprising an important part of any Vancouver home.

Do Not Merely Gloss Over

We have lots of rain in this region and gutter are the item that collects and directs the water in a secure, efficient pathway a little distance from top of the roof and leads it into the city water drainage system.

Without gutters in good condition, water will seep into your roof, foundation, and perimeter across the home causing other issues that can be very expensive in the future.

When gutters are properly installed they should collect the rain that is pouring down on top of your house and send that excess water into the downspout to subsequently be handed over to the sewers.

Installing Your Own Gutters

Many householders try and install their own gutters. Its may seem to be a simple installation job, but gutter installation is not what it seems and has dangerous risks attached.

Someone high above the ground with no training or experience working from those heights can slip and fall. Definitely not recommended!

A Few Tips For The Handyman

Understand this one thing; gutters have to be installed and designed to slope to the downspouts. Not very much though! You do not want all of the water diverted to the downspout too quickly. There is a talent to this. If the water flow is too heavy the system will be unable to handle it and rain will spill over.

Optimally you would like a nice consistent flow that it:

  • Will flow down the pathway like it ought to and
  • The gutter system can easily handle the volume

After installation you want to make certain your gutters stay clean. Any debris should be removed once or twice a year. The Vancouver area is a very “green” place with tons of trees and flowers so debris in the gutters can develop quickly. Staying on top of your annual, or semi-annual, gutter cleaning will ensure everything flows as it should.

If you know yourself to be lazy in terms of home maintenance, think about investing in gutter guards. These are protective shields for gutters that stop debris from getting in. They can be quite pricey, depending on the type you want, but they permit your gutters to be mostly maintenance free through out the year.

Hire A Professional

A gutter installer can avoid problems you probably won’t think of. That is he’s experienced at this and knows the process front to back. Most people who get new gutters opt for the seamless type for a number of reasons.

If you are thinking of a new gutter system for your home, we suggest you call a local company who handles gutter installation in Vancouver and spend a few minutes listening to the different aspects of this job. Newbies tackling this one, are usually in for more that expected. Setting aside a small budget for this will pay off in the long run.